Sertior     Sustainable Environmental Planning and Cloud Technologies Consulting Services  
Feasibility Analysis

At the early planning and design stages of a project, our contribution at the level of the feasibility analysis helps assessing the project timeline and identifying potential delays related to regulatory compliance and public concerns. We examine the environmental consequences that would result from a project in the early stages of development and assist the design team in identifying design solutions or project alternatives that would avoid or reduce environmental impacts.
CEQA/NEPA Compliance

Sertior assists with the environmental review process in compliance with the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) and the National Environmental Protection Act (NEPA). We help evaluate the potential environmental impacts that a project may have and provide a professional assistance through the documentation and approval process.

Sertior works with the project proponents to understand the environmental impacts that would result from the analyzed project and assists in developing feasible alternatives and solutions that consider the environmental, social and economic aspects of the project.
Community Outreach

We believe that an effective engagement of the public during the early stages of planning would contribute to the successful development and construction of a project. We assist in the identification of stakeholders needs and values, therefore allowing the alignment of the community vision with projects goals and objectives.
Cloud Technologies

Sertior is highly specialized also in Cloud Services (public, private or hybrid) and microservices related technologies, including largely scalable and distributed systems.